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Customer marketing. Like never before.

Scale your Shopify store without scaling your marketing team.

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Dynamic Personalized Emails

Every customer is unique, so should be every email campaign. Relevon’s intelligence layer creates tailored email campaigns by incorporating real-time algorithms. Turn bland emails into unique inbox experiences. Effortlessly.

Send Campaigns Automagically

Watch your revenue grow, as Relevon automagically schedules and delivers your email campaigns. Stop worrying about what to send next and when to send it. Truly automate your entire email creating flow with our smart sending algorithm.

Goodbye Manual Work

It’s time to stop spending hours more designing templates, creating content and curating products for your weekly email campaigns. Relevon allows you to select the personalization type for each and every campaign, so your customers stay engaged.

Inbox Deliverability First

Relevon’s technology has been built from ground-up with deliverability-at-scale in mind. Reach your customers any time, all the time through a high reputation sending infrastructure.

Perfect Your Growth Stack

Engage and create relevant customer relationships by complementing your current email provider with Relevon. Relevon is the missing piece in nurturing and driving growth from your existing customer base.

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One-Click Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Shopify store in minutes, not days – or weeks.

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